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The first Kežmarok town hall stood on one of the oldest Kežmarok streets - on Starý trh (the Old Market). After the invasion of the Hussites in 1433, the town partly burned down and as a result, the centre was moved to its other part, where the new square was built.

In the middle of it, Juraj from Spišská Sobota built a new Gothic town hall in 1461. The rest of its three-window has been preserved on the southern side of the present-day town hall. After a great fire, the Master Kuntz from Kežmarok
rebuilt the town hall in 1541 - 1555, and it acquired a Renaissance look. This is proved by a stone municipal coat of arms with the year 1555 on the western facade, parts of the window portals, and the Baroque, originally Renaissance, portal with the municipal coat of arms on the southern ground floor. In 1641, when Sigmund Moes was the town mayor, a tower was built to the town hall. In 1779, the town hall burned down again and was rebuilt in the style of Classicism. It acquired its present-day look and the extension of the second floor after the last great fire in 1922. Under the town hall, there is an old cellar where the mineral waters were springing out in the 16th century. A tradition says that an escape corridor leads from this cellar. Today, the town hall is the seat of the municipal authority.

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