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In 1463, the king Matthias granted Kežmarok the rights of using the coat of arms and sealing with red wax. All over Slovakia, there is not such a coat of arms document as that of Kežmarok. The coat of arms was placed into the middle, in the other ones, it was painted into the top left corner. The Kežmarok document was ranked among the cultural sights of the Slovak Republic.

The coat of arms itself is carried by a multicoloured angel. On the blue background in the upper part of the escutcheon, there are two crossed silver swords with red hilts, a golden protector and a button. Above the swords, a golden five pointed crown is situated. Under them, there is a red rose. The lower part of the escutcheon is filled with two silver and two red stripes. 

There are several interpretations of the coat of arms. We cannot be sure which hypothesis is right. The only one aspect, upon which all of them agree, is the interpretation of the royal crown as the symbol of the free royal town. 

Interpretation of the upper part of the coat of arms:

  1. The crossed swords symbolize Jus gladii - "the right of the sword" - which King Albert granted the town in 1483. The rose under the swords is just an ordinary heraldic symbol. 
  2. The crossed swords symbolize the settlement of St. Michael - a warrior, the red rose the settlement of St. Elisabeth.

Interpretation of the lower part of the coat of arms:

  1. It is highly probable that the stripes were borrowed from the Hungarian state coat of arms.
  2. The stripes symbolize four settlements, from which the Town of Kežmarok arose. Kežmarok was established by merging several settlements of the original Slavonic inhabitants with a settlement of German colonists.
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